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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  November 14, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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with live, breaking news. >> and that breaking news out of oakland where a bird strike damaged a plane and knocked out the pilot's instrument panel and force i had it to land. >> and now crews are examining the jet and passengers are waiting for a new ride. >> i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. >> very scary moments for the people on the plane. >> this is a map showing the flight path of the plane. it had to loop around after takeoff. >> sergio is live at the international airport with the latest. >> ama. i managed to talk to one of the passengers on board the flight who said they were minutes into the flight. he had just snapped a picture out of his window to bid a fopped farewell to the -- a fond farewell to the bay area
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and then he says a stern, but calm announcement from their captain saying they had to turn around and come back to land at oakland international. just minutes into flight 349 this transmission from air traffic control. >> we have an emergency in progress. >> you can see the alaska airlines plane back on the tbrownd at oaknd la international. according to a spokesperson, a bird smashed into the nose of the plane. he took this miss tour as he and the other 150 people on board boarded the plane. i talked with him and he said we didn't notice the plane do anything. the pilot came on the pa and said we had a bird strike. park said the captain also announced that the impact knocked out an electronic pam in the cockpit -- panel, in the cockpit, but the instruments were fine so they safely landed. by phone the alaska airline spokesperson says their pilots are trained for these emergencies.
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>> our pilots go through training every year. they do training where they come back and they fly more in our simulators which are state of state-of-the-art and replicate the flight deck of the 737. >> she also said the flight will resume at midnight with the replacement plane. the damaged plane will stay grounded for further inspections. as oakland interest fall, abc7 news. >> the napa earthquake is still causing problems more than two months later. a watermain is still broken near highways 12 and 29 after it ruptured ready -- around dinner time. and now the site of another break that happened last week. alan? >> yeah, dan. and the good news though is that no one has lost any water service over this recent break. we are at laurel street where they are still trying to fix another break that happened over the weekend and all of this is beginning to wear on the nerves of people around a
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here. the latest watermain break is just north of highway 12 and highway 29 in napa. city officials say it is so close to a creek that crews were unable to fix it tonight. it is the second break along the same 36-inch main and it is putting a dampen on her vacation. >> it is a problem getting to our house and it is causing a lot of slow traffic and it has been a little bit of an annoyance. >> construction on another main break continues along browns valley road until both ruptures are repaired the napa city officials say residents could see fluctuations in their water pressure along foster and browns valley road. >> well, when the girls were showering because there was a lot of us here -- mean there are a lot of showers, it wasn't good because the pressure was low. the watermain broke. >> now people are being asked to conserve and avoid unnecessary water use.
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napa officials say this is a delayed result from the damage caused by the august 24th earthquake. public works has seen more than 150 breaks and leaks since the quake. in napa, alan wang, abc7 news. >> it has been one week since a 16-month-old western low land gorilla died at the san francisco zoo, crushed under an electric door. >> the abc7 news i team has news that there were warnings about that door for years. >> to nate there is a story you will see on abc news. >> this week the zoo released a note to the keeper about the death of the gorilla. her grandmother was carrying her into room four for the night and the keeper writes, i began to close the electric door and when i looked at the door again it was closed and she was caught in the door across her chest. but internal zoo documents show a long history of
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problems with the operation of that same door. a log entry from january 27th, 2010 reports a gorilla about the same age when she died got hand caught in electric door 4 not using it at first, but then mildly favoring it. the next day a zookeeper warns to avoid shipping her to the far off electric doors which are hard to see gorillas through. sources tell me the door that killed the gorilla is the farthest away. a different door dropped it again. he said i didn't catch the door in time he screamed. it looks like there is a gash in left middle finger knuckle. knuckle swollen. they answer showed where it appeared to be on the hand. >> there is visibility issues and lighting issues. >> officials are br expert from.
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one obvious slogs would be to have a second set of eyes.rsfris past those doors. >> there are two operating the system and one person doesn't see something the other says hey look at this. there is something going on there and you need to stop. >> but almost a year to the day before kabibay died a zookeepery mailed asking for the same thing, a keeper available for all shifting. shifting is when the keepers move the gorillas through the doors. officials had taken action after that e-mail a year ago there would be a chance kabibay would be alive today. she hasn't worked since then and she feels as though the zoo is trying to blame her to deflect attention. a spokesperson for the zoo says they have no comment until the investigation is over. >> new at 11:00, a man who
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owned emaciated horses will face charges. after more sickly horses were discovered in gilroy, the d.a. decided to press charges. the owner is currently in jail on an unrelated charge. they will be put up for adoption. three men whose job it is to uphold the law are accused of breaking it by smuggling illegal contraband in jail for gang members. san mateo county deputy juan lopez and correctional officers were arrested yesterday. they were accused of bringing cell phones to mcgoir correctional facility. ismael is accused of smuggling oxycontin into the jail. a stanford doctor who went to west africa to fight eat bow law virus left his home for the first time in three
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weeks. state guidelines require the isolation. after getting errands done he checked out the ebola simulation lab. >> tracking patients is being made easier with an app. two brothers created it and a bay area technology journalist helped broker a deal to get smartphones into the hands of aid workers in west africa. >> i landed here on a thursday. on friday we said we want to help. >> app developers just moved from south africa to palo alto to do business. but what they have been doing isn't making them any money. jay the biggest issue -- gite biggesissue is getting information faster jie. they created the ebola care app. >> i added people they came in contact with. >> it allows health care workers to share patient information immediately. but you can't use an app without a smartphone.
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>> we were limited by the number of phone wheeze could donate. we donated around 30 phones. >> enter this tech journalist. he met with the brothers the same day amazon announced it was losing millions of dollars on unsold fire phones. larry got an idea. >> this is lemons into lemonade and it may have lost amazon a lot of money, but if it can save lives i hope they feel good about what they have been able to accomplish. >> amazon has donated 1,000 phones. >> it is empowering knowing that someone in west africa is using your app. they think it is saving lives. >> the phone should be in the hands of health care workers. in palo alto, abc7 news. >> a strange looking flotation device for babies is getting a lot of attention. >> michael finney is here. it may look scary. >> yes, it is called an auto roo and kids love it, but would you put your child in
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it? we put these neck floats to the test. >> and bad news for the comet probe that captivated the world this week. >> and a wwe fan frenzy in the south by. why one is being flown into the range. >> i am abc7 news report
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a flotation device for
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infants is starting to catch on. >> a bay area woman is behind it all. >> the otteroo. they are called neck floats and they looked similar to an inner tube that kids always used. this one doesn't fit around the waist. >> two babies trying out the very latest in pool gear. the otteroo neck float. they are trying out the devices for the first time at our request. they seem to be loving it. >> it looks weird. >> it does. people's reaction has been either -- so cute. this is so weird. >> shea first saw neck floats when she was in asia. she went back to the states and worked on the design for two years and introduced the otteroo. >> they actually are in -- they are like very
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comfortable. as they get older -- >> she has been working on the design with specialists including pediatricians. >> there are a lot of benefits with such a device. basically it allows an infant to really freely explore a natural environment which is water for them. >> but is it safe? other versions of the neck float or the neck floatie have been available for several years and we we couldn't find kids being injured and her otteroo is designed to be even safer. >> we ask the california publickent group to look it over. >> i have no reason to believe this product can't be used safely. i will say that parents and caregivers have to be hyper vigilant anytime they have access to a body of water. >> so it builds a child physically and it looks like
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they are having fun, but what do the moms think. >> it made me nervous because you say what is going on around their necks? and will it be comfortable? >> both of our m months liked the otteroo and their babies do too. >> hopefully they will give us one for doing this. >> all of our experts say it is important the caregiver always be within arm's reach of the child. we found one on-line review of a floatie where a baby sliped through the device. it sells for $35 and available through the website. i posted a link to that on our website, >> those kids looked cute. >> they were adorable. thank you, may cal. well, we sadly may have everything we are going to get from the surface of the comet. it has run out of juice. it did not go as planned on wednesday. it landed where the sun could thought properly power it. it was supposed to stay up
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until 2015. tonight the philae tweeted, i will tell you about my new home soon -- they hope it will wake up again in a year. >> that chant isn't just for baseball. it started with the wwe's daniel brian. he and the wwe's biggest stars signed thousands of autographs. fans at levi stadium. he told us he was flattered. the giants outfielder adopted the chant during the world series run. >> oh my gosh. it is awesome. it was a rallying cry for people. it unifies the people and the players and it is awesome. >> 31 comes to santa clara next march. >> fans are excited. let's talk about the weekend weather forecast. >> anything to get excited about.
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sandhya patel. >> the weather is looking terrific. as we look at live doppler 7hd , high clouds have been streaming in and half moon bay a little patch. five miles of visibility. there is no moisture being tracked. from the east bay hills camera, visibility is terrific looking across the bay. temperatures upper 50s san francisco and oakland is cool in san jose. 52. 55 half moon bay and a lovely view of the eastern span of the bridge. temperatures are the coolest in the wind sheltered north bay valleys. currently 55 in livermore and our exploratorium camera, not a lot going on here. as far as fog we will go with partly cloudy and patchy morning fog. dry pattern for the upcoming weekend. there is a chance of rain and it is looking better for next week. as we look at tomorrow morning's temperatures, if you have early plans you will want to layer up mid40s to low 50s. fog and high clouds around first thing in the morning.
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as we take you through tomorrow afternoon you will notice some fog will give way to a few high clouds really continuing. brighter skies before we head into sunday. sunday we will start to see an offshore flow pattern develop. that will warm us up. wild conditions expected to the coast. we are going to see a lot of high cloudiness and that will filter your sunshine as we head toward sunday and monday. the reason the clouds are coming in is we have a system coming in . tuesday it will approach late at night. a chance of light rain as we head toward wednesday during the day and into wednesday evening. moderate rain stays in northern california. we will track it for you and hopefully it will materialize tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures are about where it should be. 69 santa rosa and 64 san francisco. half moon bay, 67 san rafael, fremont, palo alto and right about today's level. 68 in livermore and 66 santa cruz. stanford is hosting utah at 3:00. 67 degrees, mild sun and high
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clouds. the temperatures will drop down to the low 60s. accu-weather seven-day forecast will feature milder conditions sunday and monday. mid60s and low 70s. we will keep you closer as we start to see the potential for rain drops. it looks like you will need the umbrellas with the cooler conditions. if you want to wash your car, go ahead. just know that mother nature may do it for you the middle of next week, dan and ama. >> thank you, sandhya. talking a little college basketball. >> that's right. larry beil is here with sports of the. >> a new college hoops season tips off for cal, stanford and saint mother. it is a debut with the golden
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college basketball season is suddenly upon us. cal tipping off with their new head coach against alcorn state. martin taking over for mike montgomery. the bears came out flying. bird with the one handed flush. oh sweet reverse and the foul. this would be with authority. he had 17. cal 50-32 at the break. making it rain. 22, the seal, the slam and cal wins their opener 91-57. wafford and a nice little pass there. justin gordon on the defense. providing a lot of offense and finished with a career high 36. the steal here and the senior chasing randal for two of his
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12. 74-59. how about saint maries? opening it up against cal state l.a. attempted 13 shots and finished with 25 points and had 12 rebounds. he also had a double-double, 16-10 and the freshman from sydney, australia a little thunder from down under, baby. the gails 77-67. almost a full calendar year has passed since the raiders' last win if you can believe that. that. will the misery f ♪ ♪
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since they won a game. they play the chargers on sunday. it will be precisely 364 days since their last victory, november 17, 2013. jennings who is with the giants had an 80-yard touchdown run and 28-23 win. since then the silver and black dropped 15 straight 0-9 this season. as hour horrendous as this sounds they believe the wins are around the corner. >> guys are running out and still striving to do what they can to make this thing right. and hopefully it will be sooner than later. but it will happen one of these days. excited to be a part of it. >> we'll see if it happens sunday in san diego. the 49ers saved their seat in new orleans and you can't afford a slip up at the new
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york giants. there is so much talk about michael crabtree and his do diminished role. colin kaepernick is throwing to bolden who caught six passes and had five drops in that game. kaepernick says he still has total trust in boldin. >> vary liable. very rely believe a. he went for -- very reliable. he is a play maker and we will get him the ball. >> abc7 sports is brought to you by ebay. thanks. >> well, abc7 news continues now on-line and on twitter, facebook and all your devices. >> our next


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